SpiderFarsi Alphabet Course

 The following videos are a few samples of the SpiderFarsi Alphabet Course. The course will equip you with the easiest and most effective way of learning the entire Farsi alphabet once and for all.

These useful and entertaining videos will enable you to read and write in Farsi. Each lesson consists of two video parts, a presentation and an exercise.

In the presentation videos, you will become familiar with the forms of the letters. In this part, I have used some imaginative similarities between the Farsi and English alphabet to help you effortlessly keep the Farsi letters in your long term memory.

In the exercise videos, you will practise your writing and reading skills, combining the letters and building new words. It is recommended that you have a pen and notebook ready, and write each word before the answer is given. To buy the entire set of videos with the features below, plus many other useful materials, go to the bottom of this page.

Lesson 1- Introduction video

Lesson 1- Exercise video

Lesson 2 - Introduction video

Lesson 2 Exercise video

Lesson 3 - Introduction video

Lesson 3 - Exercise video

Lesson 4 - Introduction video

Lesson 4 - Exercise video A

What are you going to learn in the remaining videos?

ü   All of the Farsi letters (38 videos)

ü   pdf files of the both presentation and alphabet videos

ü  Writing the most difficult words

ü   Clear pronunciation of the words 

ü   How to deal with the letters that have similar sounds but different forms

ü   Internet surfing

ü  The best and user-friendliest Farsi typing Software (including a video on how to install and use)

ü  New and old orthographies and the challenging points

ü   How to recognize different types of Farsi handwritings



ü   The best romantic novels form the best Iranian writers (15 novels)

ü   Over 30 short and long stories for kids (pdf and Audio files)

ü   Over 20 novels from the world-famous writers, translated into Farsi 

ü   pdf books of the most famous Iranian poets: (Saedi:  Bustan  golestan,  Hafez: Ghazal and Fal, Nezami: Khosrow & Shirin, Leyli & Majnun, Ferdowsi: Shahnameh, Mowlavi: Masnavi, Others: Shamlu, sohrab sepehri, forugh farokhzad)

ü   Farsi books used by first graders in Iranian schools

ü   The most useful Farsi proverbs in alphabetical order

ü   Complete Farsi names for girls and boys, and their meanings

ü   Shahrzad and stories from The 1001 Nights

ü   An Iranian cookbook, featuring regional foods and recipes



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